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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Preparing For Your Appointment

Be sure to prepare a list of questions. We don't want to get talking in depth about one topic and you lose track of the other questions you had. 

If you are coming in for enrollment:

  • Check out your current DARS report in KSIS to determine what requirements you have not yet fulfilled. Make a list of questions you have for your advisor and bring it to your appointment! Be sure to tell your advisor if you have any special needs or require any learning accommodations. 
  • Work out a class schedule before your advising appointment. Have a few alternates in mind in case your first choice is not available.

If you are coming in for an Academic Appeals Form:

  • Be sure to bring the form and the letter you have written

If you are coming in to change your major OUT of JMC:

  • Check out the other majors and campus, and get an idea of what you would like. We can talk through graduation requirements and details during the appointment. Check out the course catalog for a complete list of programs at K-State.

Understand your role and responsibilities as an advisee.