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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Current JMC Students

Your home for the resources you need to succeed in the A.Q. Miller School and beyond!

Peer Mentoring
A peer mentor will help you get connected with your peers and learn from their experiences in JMC and at K-State. Through your mentor you may learn about best electives, favorite teachers, how to get involved in clubs, how to use professor office hours, importance of advising, resources at K-State and much more. Learn more here.

Becoming a Major
Are you ready to apply to the A.Q. Miller School? Check to see if you've completed the requirements and download your application here.

Curriculum Guide
To avoid setbacks, eliminate frustration and help with planning, we provide this guide in order to provide clarity and understanding. Click here.

Academic Advising
Find help regarding enrollment along with tools to help you plan your classes here.

The A.Q. Miller School offers scholarship to current and incoming students. Check our scholarship page for more information.

Student Groups
Becoming involved outside the classroom is a critical part of finding your career. Click here to find out more.

Jobs and Internships
We post any and all job and internship opportunities we know about here. Check it out.

Student Equipment Checkout
We offer rental of camera equipment for all your JMC courses. Check our inventory and details here.