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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

JMC Curriculum Guide

"Am I taking the right classes?"

"What classes do I need to take to graduate?"

"Does this class count?"

These are common questions for students on their journey toward graduation. Everyone knows there are requirements that are needed to graduate, but not everyone knows what classes will fulfill those requirements.

To avoid setbacks, eliminate frustration and help with planning, we provide this guide in order to provide clarity and understanding, so your journey will be marked with confidence as you enroll each semester and take steps toward the goal of graduation.

Think of this as your guide as you execute your game plan to graduate with a degree in in advertising, public relations or journalism and digital media. Combined with a first-class education from an award-winning faculty, you will graduate on time, equipped with knowledge and experience, and be prepared for a successful career. This is the start of an amazing journey and we're excited to see where it will lead you.

The JMC Curriculum Guide allows you to plan and track your progress toward graduation.