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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Applying to the Major

Step 1: Enter as a Pre-Major

All students enter our program as pre-majors. There are a few requirements our students need to meet before moving into the A.Q. Miller School and becoming a major in advertising, public relations or journalism and digital media.

Step 2: Apply to the A.Q. Miller School

Incoming freshmen

To move from pre-major to major, four things need to be completed before you can apply to the Miller School. Those four things are:

For incoming freshmen, this generally happens in your second year (preferably your third semester) at K-State.

Transfer students

Transferring with 30+ hours:
If you are transferring 30 or more hours, including an equivalent to MC 110, and have a 2.5 GPA or higher, you simply need to pass the Composition Skills Test (CST) and you are ready to apply. This can be accomplished in your first semester at K-State.

Transferring with less than 30 hours and/or below 2.5 GPA:
If you are transferring less than 30 hours or have a GPA below 2.5, you will need to get a 2.5 GPA in 15 hours of K-State courses as well as pass the Composition Skills Test (CST). This can be accomplished in as little as one semester.

Application to A.Q. Miller School

Once the aforementioned requirements are met, you are ready to apply to the Miller School.

Application will be posted by February 6th, 2017 and will be due by the extended deadline of March 15th. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Sequences

Students are admitted into a sequence of study and must make re-apply to change sequences after admission to the program.

Review of Applications

Review of applications for admission to the major will be based on the following factors: academic achievement, including GPA and types of courses taken; promise of success in academic and professional objectives of the major; and clarity of the applicant's career and academic focus.

Students who were denied admission may appeal to the sequence head in writing within 10 days of receipt of notification through the A.Q. Miller School.

Students who are not admitted may pursue a second application in one subsequent fall or spring semester. The second application, if the student requests, may be for admission to the major in a different sequence. Students who are not admitted after a second application may meet with the pre-major adviser to discuss academic options.

Deadlines for Application

Spring 2017 applications will be available by February 6th and will be due March 15th. 

Additional information about applying for admission can be found by contacting the school at 785-532-6890.