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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Curtis Matthews

Assistant Professor, Advertising and Public Relations Sequence
Office: Kedzie 203 | 532-6890 | cbmatthe@ksu.edu

Dr. Matthews arrived at K-State in the Fall of 2011 after completing the Ph.D. program at Texas Tech University. He has previously taught at Southern Methodist University and Texas Tech, and brings 15+ years of professional experience in advertising, public relations, marketing and magazine management to the classroom.

At the undergraduate level, he teaches in the advertising and public relations sequences with a focus on techniques, non-traditional message strategies, and the integration of interactive, social media and traditional campaigns. At the graduate level, he is involved with theory and research methods classes with an emphasis on strategic communication.

His research interests are broad – some might say, too broad. On a big-picture level, Dr. Matthews studies the impact of memory on how we cognitively and emotionally process incoming media messages, particularly those that are in a narrative or storytelling format.  Areas of emphasis include how and when memories stored as a schema or script can either enhance or suppress attention and processing, and subsequent storage and retrieval.

On a more narrow level, he is interested in how multiple messages from different sources and media “add up” to form our impressions of a brand. Dr. Matthews is currently researching how the creativity, novelty or atypicality of a message impacts brand perception on a short- and long-term basis, and how message campaigns that are too integrated may lead to an unfavorable impression.

He is married to Missy and has a son Jack and daughter Eleanor. They happily reside in Manhattan, Kansas.