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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Why JMC?

There has never been a more exciting time to be in the communications industry. Our information-rich culture needs strong communicators who can provide clear, concise and correct information in a variety of formats. At the A.Q. Miller School, you will have the opportunity to develop a variety of marketable skills, helping you find a fulfilling career. The world needs strong communicators and we believe you can help meet that need.

Sequences of Study


Advertising is and has always been about "the brand." It is creative, it is magical and it is entertaining. As Bill Bernbach, an advertising creative director, once said: "Advertising is fundamentally about persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art."

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Journalism & Digital Media

Journalism is in an exciting period of evolution and innovation. Never before has a journalist's reach been so vast. A reporter's story filed from western Kansas can be read, seen and heard instantly in Western Europe. Our JDM sequence is for students interested in broadcast media or the written craft and we hope you'll join us as we take on the challenges of this new age.

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Public Relations

A career in public relations is high energy, fast-paced and exciting. PR professionals shape the relationships between organizations and the world, and it takes a full compliment of skills, including creative, written and strategic planning, among others, to succeed and we enjoy helping our students cultivate these skills at the A.Q. Miller School.

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JMC Minor

Students who choose to major in other departments on campus can still specialize in Journalism and Mass Communications through the A.Q. Miller Schoolís 18-hour minor in Mass Communications.

More about the JMC Minor

Degree Options

All students must complete a set of general education requirements established by the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition to those general requirements, students must decide if they would like to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. What's the difference?

Bachelor of Arts degree

The BA degree requirements puts an emphasis on learning a second language. To complete these requirements, students must complete a level 4 foreign language course (ex. Spanish 4), and one mathematics course in addition to the other general Arts and Science requirements.

Bachelor of Science degree

The BS degree requirements emphasize the natural sciences as well as quantitative reasoning courses such as mathematics and statistics in addition to the general Arts and Sciences requirements.

The JMC Curriculum Guide offers a complete list of the Arts and Sciences requirements as well as course options.

Steps through our program

If you are interested in studying Journalism and Mass Communications at K-State, you can indicate that on your K-State application. However, all of our students start our program designated as a pre-major. Once they complete the established requirements they can apply to the A.Q. Miller School.

How to become a major


The A.Q. Miller School offers scholarship to current and incoming students. Check our scholarship page for more information.