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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

How Enrollment Works

Orientation & Enrollment

For incoming students to K-State, we strongly encourage you to take part in the Orientation & Enrollment process organized through the K-State Admissions Office.

At O&E, you will get a great overview to K-State as a whole as well as meeting with the Miller School specifically. We will work with you to identify and enroll in your first semester schedule at K-State and you will leave with it in hand.

One of the classes you will take your first semester at K-State is our pre-major orientation class (MC 010), which will go into more detail on the requirements you must meet to graduate and help you understand the enrolling process. Combined, you will be equipped to enroll in the courses you need to graduate throughout your college career at K-State.

O&E Dates and Information

Freshmen — June Enrollment
Freshmen/Transfer Students — January Enrollment
Transfer Students — April Enrollment
Transfer Students — August Enrollment
Freshmen — August Enrollment

For worksheets, tools and other helpful information, visit the Academic Adviser page.