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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Graduate Student Research


In completing a master’s program in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications every graduate student conducts their own research.  Each student selects a topic of their choice and works with graduate faculty members to conduct a study.  A thorough report or thesis is proposed, completed, and defended by each student in pursuit of their master’s degree.


Research completed by Miller School graduate students since 2012:


Bosco, Kayla-“Sport Fan Satisfaction with the Kansas State Athletic Department’s Social Media Content”

Chen, Zhiang- “An Examination of User Generated Content Value on Culturally Based Consumer Groups”

Elliott, Lindsey- “What Makes a Non-Professional Video Go Viral: A Case Study of “I’m Farming and I Grow It”  

Hasler, Travis- “HIV/AIDS Communication Strategies in Northern Uganda: Development Workers Opinions on What Works”

Lopez, Kathryn- “Promoting and Enhancing the Graduate Student Transition Experience: An Exploratory Study of Kansas State University” 

Mosier, Joshua- “E-mails, Propaganda, and the 2012 Presidential Election: A Content Analysis” 

Perrin, Megan-Anne- “Effects of Media Messages on Disordered Eating Development Among Female Collegiate Distance Runners”

Tenconi, Danielle- “Obesity and U.S. Military Spouses:  An Examination of Risk Perception and Health Behavior”   


Student Recognitions and Accomplishments