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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Graduate Degree Requirements

30 graduate semester hours, distributed as follows:

  • MC 765 Communication Theory
  • MC 780 Research Methods
  • MC 850 Applied Research
  • Two 700-level level electives in MC or related department with advisor approval
  • MC 899 Thesis (6 hours) or report (2 hours)
  • Graduate electives in the area of specialization to complete 30 semester hours

Master degree candidates must pass a written comprehensive exam covering research and theory in their area of specialization. All candidates deliver a final oral defense of their thesis or report.

Courses for Graduate Credit available in course catalog.
Core Course Descriptions

MC 765. Communication Theory. (3)
An examination of major communication theories as they relate to mass communications.

MC 780. Research Methods in Mass Communications. (3) 
Survey of research methods used in the study of the mass media.

MC 850. Applied Research in Mass Media. (3)
Study and application of mass media research, its literature and methodology.

MC 899. Research in Mass Communication (V)
Thesis/Report credit. Pr.: Sufficient training to carry on the line of research undertaken.