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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

JMC Graduate Faculty

Graduate faculty members are professors who have been approved by the Graduate School to chair and serve on theses and dissertation committees. To form your committee, you should work with your faculty adviser to help determine which faculty are a "good fit" with the subject, the theory and the methodology, based on their research interest and publications. Below is a list of JMC graduate faculty.

William AdamsWilliam Adams
Professor, JDM Sequence
Office: Kedzie 219C

Louise BenjaminLouise Benjamin
Professor, JDM Sequence, and Associate Dean
Office: Eisenhower 117

Bonnie BressersBonnie Bressers
Associate Professor, JDM Sequence
Office: Kedzie 206A

Barb DesantoBarbara DeSanto
Associate Director of Graduate Studies and Research
Associate Professor, PR sequence
Office: Kedzie 207

Tom HallaqTom Hallaq
Assistant Professor, JDM Sequence
Office: Kedzie 107B


Nancy MuturiNancy Muturi
Professor, PR sequence
Office: Kedzie 217A

Sam MwangiSam Mwangi
Associate Professor, JDM Sequence Head
Office: Kedzie 206


Steve SmethersSteve Smethers
Associate Professor, JDM Sequence, and Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies
Office: Kedzie 104B


Angela ZhangXiaochen "Angela" Zhang
Assistant Professor
Office: Kedzie 207