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A.Q. Miller School Recruiting New Director

The A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Kansas State University is searching for a new director. The current interim director will not be a candidate for the permanent position. Applications will be reviewed beginning October 10, 2017.

The interim director, Jean Folkerts, says “I believe this administrative position is an exciting possibility for someone interested in building on a well-established program.”

K-State’s program is one of the oldest accredited programs in the nation and one of the largest majors in the College of Arts & Sciences. The School adopted a new curriculum this year that will go into effect in Fall 2018. It combines public relations and advertising into a strategic communications focus and it emphasizes cross-platform journalism. This progressive curriculum is designed to have great results both in recruiting students and in placing students in jobs. The School also is instituting a new Honors Program and has successfully raised funding for the program.  This fall the School is revamping the master’s degree curriculum.

This position will provide a great opportunity for someone who wants to build a record of accomplishment at Kansas State University over the next few years. The School has more than 400 majors and 25 faculty. It also serves about 50 agricultural communications majors and 50 minors. This is a program that has undergone a major shift, with several faculty leaving or retiring. The School welcomed four new faculty this year, including a new director for the Journalism Education Association, a national organization of high school journalists and teachers housed at K-State. The new director of the School will have an opportunity to hire more new faculty.

The link to the full advertisement and application materials:  http://careers.k-state.edu/cw/en-us/job/501565/assoc-profprofdirector


Kansas State University President Visits Military Public Relations Class

Gen. (Ret.) Richard Myers, Kansas State University president, spoke to Deb Skidmore's Military Public Relations class on Oct. 25.  He talked to the students about the importance of building relationships with news media and always treating the media with respect and honesty.  Additionally, he stressed being prGo-active with messages is always the best action. A great `take-away' for the class was this quote: "A lie can go around the world four times before truth can get its boots on."




Alum visits Public Relations Writing Class


Briana Hawkins, one of our students who recently graduated in PR, visited Deb Skidmore's PR Writing class Sept. 22 to talk about Zoom.  She is the office manager for Zoom located in Overland Park, Kansas. 



JMC Students Chosen to Attend IRTS Multicultural Career Workshop

JMC students Rafael Garcia and Braxton Jones were selected to attend the 2017 International Radio and Television Society (IRTS) Multicultural Career Workshop in New York City. The conference, which is in its 33rd year, presents an opportunity for multicultural students to network with representatives of major media companies.

 Recruiters who have attended the workshop have come from some of the industry's most popular media companies, including BET, CBS HBO, MTV and Time Inc. In addition to networking, the conference provides students with greater insight on how they can embark on a career in advertising, digital media, marketing, production or sales.

 "The IRTS Multicultural Career Workshop is a two-day conference that continues to be singled out by human resource professionals as one of the best places to find skilled students and recent graduates of color for job and internship opportunities," the organization's website states.

 Garcia, a junior from Emporia, Kansas, and the current editor-in-chief of the Kansas State Collegian, seeks to become a feature writer, while Jones, a senior from Wichita, Kansas, desires to launch a career in sports broadcasting. Both students are majors in the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications. 

 This is Jones' second time attending the IRTS workshop and Garcia's first. They are scheduled to fly to New York in October.


Former A.Q. Miller School Director Everette Dennis Gives Lecture as part of Distinguished Lecturer Series


Former director of the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Dr. Everette Dennis, was selected as a Kansas State University Distinguished Lecturer. The Department of Communication Studies co-sponsored the lecture.

Dennis spoke on "Global Media in the Digital Age" at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 7, in the McVay Family Town Hall, (Room 114) in the Leadership Studies Building.

Dennis is Dean and Chief Executive Officer at Northwestern University in Qatar. He recently was named to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and will be inducted this fall. Dennis is professor of journalism and media management in the Medill School of Journalism and holds a joint appointment in Communication Studies.



JMC Students Partner with National Science Foundation (NSF)

JMC students recently produced films that highlight National Science Foundation (NSF) Funded Research being conducted on the Kansas State University Campus for the second year.

The objective is to train students to produce excellent materials while promoting the work of the university's NSF-supported researchers. The videos will also help NSF communicate the value of basic research.

"This collaboration gives our students a chance to get some solid real-world experience," said Dr. Tom Hallaq, assistant professor of digital media. "Along the way they will also get their work noticed by one of the nation's most prestigious agencies with the possibility of national distribution."

 You can check them out at the NSF’s Science360.gov web site or at the Journalism and Mass Communications K-State Research Exchange (K-REx) page.


Or, enjoy them here!


Cell Migration

Created by Rayvin White and Tom Hallaq


A Grassland Bird's Changing World

Created by Callie Ogborn and Tom Hallaq



How do Fish Adapt to Extreme Environments? 

Created by Sam Hennigh and Tom Hallaq





Created by Andrew Shores and Tom Hallaq


Created by Katherine Curtis and Tom Hallaq
Video too large for this web site - check it out here: 

Journalism and Mass Communications K-State Research Exchange (K-REx) page.


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