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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Things to know (and love) about the JMC faculty


Tom HallaqTom Hallaq:   After hours, you might find me discovering the Flint Hills on my motorcycle.  #motorcycletheraphy @DocHallaq


Gloria FreelandGloria Freeland:   Yo hablo español. Yo viví en el Ecuador por 28 meses y en Costa Rica por 20 meses. Me encanta America Latina!


Steve WolgastSteve Wolgast:   You might not know ... I was detained by the Russian navy when I tried to enter a post-Soviet nuclear submarine base.  @stevewolgast


Bonnie BressersBonnie Bressers:  I play classical piano and I like memorizing it. #SecretSuperPower


Susan EdgerleySusan Edgerley:  K-State prepared me for a career in The Big Apple. And it can do the same for you. @Susan Edgerley


Andrew SmithAndrew Smith:  When I’m not at Dole Hall helping journalism students, I’m probably with my family, or singing on a stage! #TVNewsAndBroadwayPipes  @DrewSmithSports


Vern WirkaVern Wirka:   My preferred digital mode is Morse code. Let your fist do the talking.


Raluca CozmaRaluca Cozma:   If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. #neverstoplearning @rcozma


Nancy MaturiNancy Muturi:  The adage that curiosity killed the cat doesn’t apply in the academe. Curiosity is a key to academic success. Be curious about people, places and the world.  #CuriousAboutAll  @nmuturi


Deb SkidmoreDeb Skidmore:  I have a love for animals. I own a horse, dog and three cats.  #AllCreaturesGreatandSmall.  @DebKSU


Katie OlsenKatie Olsen:   Working hard and being a team player can have a bigger impact than the output you produce. Be honest, be kind, be unique!  #ksuadvertising  @adprofkatie


Alec TefertillerAlec Tefertiller:  I’m pretty serious about marathons, if binge-watching counts as marathons. #26.2hoursofNetflix @alecteefer


Sara QuinnSara Quinn:  Journalism is your ticket to see the world. Get a good seat!  #Fueledbyjournalism  #TaughtIn14Countries  @saraquinn


Dani LaGreeDani LaGree:   The best advice I’ve read is 80% of success is showing up. @dani_n_myers


Steve SmethersSteve Smethers’ Superpower:   I am a semi-pro Christmas decorator.  #Ideckthehalls  @ssmethers


Sarah HoweSarah Howe:   My Superpower is having “all” the course numbers & requirements memorized. #advisingsuperpowers @SarahJMCAdvisor


Angela ZhangAngela Zhang:  Good music comes from people who are relaxed! #Give me a beat!  @ZhangXiaochen


Kelly GlasscockKelly Glasscock:  Photography is the trigger between my subject’s experience and my own that captures a moment in time. We then part ways leaving that moment frozen between us forever. #photographyislife


Kylie KinleyKylie Kinley:  I’ve been a reporter, writer, ribbon maker, corn detasseler, SEO copywriter and a teacher, but I love being an adviser best.


Sam MwangiSam Mwangi:  I just figured out the Inverted Pyramid … If you replace “W” with “T” in “What, Where and When,” you get the answer to each of them.  @SamCMwangi


Andrew SmithAndrew Smith:  I speak four languages: English, French, Italian and footballese. The last one came in handy for covering the #NFL #LockerRoomSpeak  @DrewSmithSports


Jonathan BordenJonathan Borden:   Is slowly regaining the feeling in his toes after too many Syracuse winters. @paxrelations


Nick HombergNick Homburg:   Photographer, filmmaker AND a working anthropologist and scuba instructor. #yes,really  #InMySpareTime