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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications


Kansas State journalism and strategic communications students start hands-on learning their first week on campus. Classroom instruction, involvement in our five student media outlets and faculty and peer mentorship in student organizations builds K-State journalism and strategic communications students into skillful industry professionals who will pursue careers in fields such as photography, reporting, editing, broadcasting, sports analysis and sports commentating, social media management, campaign analysis and account management.


The heart of journalism is informing the public of news and events using verified facts and good storytelling techniques. Students interested in journalism cover politics, crime, education, sports, entertainment or varied combinations of topics depending on their platform and what their audiences need to know in order to make better decisions about their daily lives. Careers for students in the journalism sequence include: news anchor, video producer, reporter, photojournalist, sports broadcaster, film director or editor.

Strategic Communications

The field of strategic communications envelopes the range of messages that have a strategy and purpose to inspire action in the viewer, listener or consumer. Individuals, corporate agencies and in-house advertising and public relations entities combine storytelling and cutting-edge technology to create strategic campaigns to convey their messages. Careers for students in the strategic communication sequence include: account executive, social media manager, military public relations officer, graphic designer, political campaign manager or media analyst.

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