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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Changing from Pre-JMC to JMC major

Pre-Major Status

All students enter our program as pre-majors. Pre-major students are required to complete the Gateway courses with a “C” or better, then choose either Journalism or Strategic Communications as your pathway and choose your outside concentration focus. Your adviser can help with any questions. 

Complete JMC Gateway

To be declared a JMC major a student must successfully pass the JMC Gateway courses with a “C” or better in each course:

  • MC 100 JMC Orientation (0 hours) (This course is a credit/no credit course)
  • MC 110  Mass Communication in Society (3 hours)
  • MC 130  Media Writing Conventions and Mechanics (1 hour)
  • MC 131  Media Writing Styles and Platforms (1 hour)
  • MC 132  Media Writing Perspectives (1 hour)
  • Foundational Skills courses (choose 3):
    • MC 191  Audio Production Foundations (1 hour)
    • MC 192  Pixel Foundations (1 hour)
    • MC 193  Video Foundations (1 hour)
    • MC 194  Social Media Foundations (1 hour)
    • MC 195  Vector Foundations (1 hour)
    • MC 196  Web-CMS Foundations (1 hour)

Transfer students are eligible to apply for admission to the school upon successful completion of the JMC Gateway courses with a C or better.