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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

How to change from Pre-JMC to full-major

Pre-Major Status

All students enter our program as pre-majors. There are a few requirements our students need to meet before becoming a full-major and declaring your sequence in either Journalism or Strategic Communications and your outside concentration.

Step 2: Complete JMC Gateway

Becoming a major a student must successfully pass the JMC Gateway (a 'C' or better in each course):

  • MC 010 JMC Orientation (0 hours) (Recommended for Fall 2018, required beginning Spring 2019)
  • JMC Writing Academy
    • MC 130  Media Writing Conventions and Mechanics (1 hour)
    • MC 132  Media Writing Styles and Platforms (1 hour)
    • MC 132  Media Writing Perspectives (1 hour)
  • MC 110  Mass Communication in Society (3 hours)
  • Pick 3 of the Foundational Skills modules

Transfer students are eligible to apply for admission to the School during their first semester upon successful completion of the JMC Gateway with a C or better.

Step 3: Fill out an application to declare your sequence and outside concentration

Once the requirements are met, you are ready to declare your major. The application can be found on OrgSync.

Students may take restricted courses and advanced courses only if they meet the prerequisites. Students who expect to fulfill one or more prerequisites in a current semester may provisionally enroll on the expectation they will be eligible to take the course the following semester.

Majors are expected to establish and maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA on all JMC courses applied to the major to graduate.

Deadlines for Application

Applications are accepted year-round. You must be admitted to the major before you can enroll in major-only courses.

Additional information about applying for admission can be found by contacting your advisor.