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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Incoming Freshman

Why JMC?

At K-State, the A.Q. Miller School is a standout leader, one of the first schools nationally to directly address online journalism, and the school keeps pushing to ensure the newest "new media" is part of every class. We are big enough to provide you with interesting electives — from interactive advertising to health communication to gender studies. We are small enough that you will stand out, work directly with professors, and carve out your place.

We have television and radio, student-run media (including our own PR/advertising agency), and all the contacts to help you land an internship.

But what sets us apart — and perhaps the best reason for you to consider us — is that we focus on your critical thinking abilities, from investigative journalism, to creative ad briefs, to PR campaigns.

So, why us?

Because our classes are in rooms, not stadiums.
Because we stay on the leading wave of change and imagination.
Because our faculty is committed to your success.
Because we listen more than we lecture.
Because you are part of a family, not the masses.
Because our alumni are engaged in your success.
Because we are connected to industry and the industry is connected to us.
Because classes are meaningful, lectures are informative, discussion is expected.

We are committed to ensuring we deliver that future by staying sharp, relevant and engaged.

That's our promise and that's why, if you are looking for the right fit, we invite you to consider us. Come join the Miller family at Kansas State University!