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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Financial Assistance

The school has a limited number of paid graduate teaching assistantships (GTAs), working 20 hours per week during the Spring and Fall semesters. Stipends are $12,000 for the year, paid out biweekly during the Spring and Fall semesters.

For students holding .5 appointments, tuition is waived and the department pays 75% of the health insurance premiums for the Spring and Fall semesters. Health insurance is provided by UnitedHealth Care (Get more insurance information). Students are responsible for their own tuition during the summer semester if they wish to take classes, as well as the full amount of health insurance. Students will need to go to Edwards 103 every semester to renew their policy.

GTAs perform various tasks from teaching undergraduate labs in skills classes to assisting professors with grading. Preference is given to applicants with academic and/or professional media experience. All GTAs must be enrolled in at least 6 hours during the Spring and Fall semesters.

To apply, specify your interest in an assistantship in your application's statement of purpose. Highlight your professional skills and experience (writing, editing, web, design, broadcast, PR, advertising, etc.) and submit work samples along with your application for admission. To be considered for an assistantship, applications must be received by February 1. For more information, contact the Associate Director of Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Raluca Cozma, at cozma@ksu.edu.

In addition to assistantships, numerous scholarships are offered at both the university and department level, as well as by Global Campus for online students.