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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

JMC Graduate Faculty

Graduate faculty members are professors who have been approved by the Graduate School to chair and serve on theses and dissertation committees. To form your committee, you should work with your faculty adviser to help determine which faculty are a "good fit" with the subject, the theory and the methodology, based on their research interest and publications. Below is a list of JMC graduate faculty.

Raluca CozmaRaluca Cozma
Associate Professor and Associate Director for Graduate Studies & Research 
Office: Kedzie 112

Research interests: international communication, political communication, social media, science communication, media framing, media uses and gratifications, journalism excellence and credibility

Research methods: content analysis, surveys, experiments, historical research, interviews

Jacob GroshekJacob Groshek
Associate Professor & Ross Beach Chair in Mass Communications
Office: Kedzie 111

Research interests: online and mobile media technologies; social media uses and effects; network analysis; political communication; science and health communication

Research methods: surveys, experiments, content analysis, network analysis

 Tom HallaqTom Hallaq
Associate Professor and Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies
Office: Dole 158

Research interests: media literacy, religion and journalism, educational technology and curriculum, digital creative works - especially video

Research methods: mixed-methods, survey development

 Nikhil MoroNikhil Moro
Associate Professor
Office: Kedzie 105

Research interests: Digital media law and policy

Research methods: legal and historical

Dani LaGreeDanielle LaGree
Assistant Professor
Office: Kedzie 217

Research interests: public relations, strategic planning and messaging, health communication,  career aspirations and socialization of women and students in PR 

Research methods: experiments, surveys, in-depth interviews

Nancy MuturiNancy Muturi
Office: Kedzie 217A

Research interests: health communication, risk communication, health education and promotion, social change, women and communication, ICTs

Research methods: focus groups, surveys, participant observation, cultural studies, in-depth interviews 

Sam MwangiSam Mwangi
Associate Professor and Journalism Sequence Head
Office: Kedzie 206

Research interests: international communication, media and democracy, development communication, community media, political communication, media and civic engagement, media technology 

Research methods: content analysis, surveys, field observations, focus groups, case studies, interviews

Katie OlsenKatie Olsen
Assistant Professor
Office: Kedzie 221

Research interests: higher education and strategic communication, gender in advertising creative departments, the leadership gender gap and diversity in strategic communications, emotional intelligence, career adaptability, and organizational engagement

Research methods: in-depth interviews, case studies, surveys

Ian PunnettIan Punnett
Professor of Practice
Office: McCain

Research interests: media technology, media history

Research methods: historical research, qualitative research methods


Steve SmethersSteve Smethers
Associate Professor and Director
Office: Kedzie 104B

Research interests: media and community engagement, alternative news distribution platforms, news deserts, media history

Research methods: in-depth interviews, focus groups, historical research 

Anan WanAnan Wan
Assistant Professor
Office: Kedzie 203

Research interests: media technology, social media, advertising, brand communication, international communication, media psychology

Research methods: surveys, experiments, focus groups, in-depth interviews