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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Portfolio Piece Details

For the Portfolio piece section of the scholarship application, you will need to include three examples of your work, either from professional media, student media, or classroom assignments. Additionally, you will want to upload one accompanying document that explains all three pieces, max 250 words. Choose your best work, which can include class assignments, but please do not include anything that has a grade on it.


Examples can include high school or college newspaper stories, news releases, advertisements, English compositions, copy for websites, audio or video scripts, blog post copy, or any similar written material.


Examples can include posters, flyers, advertisements, public service announcements (PSAs), newspapers, website design and graphics, photographs, drawings, logos, brochures, flyers, etc., where your work is primarily visual in nature.


Examples can include audio newscasts, radio shows, podcasts, voice work for commercials, original audio for websites, and similar materials.


Examples can include websites or social media platforms - anything that includes more than one kind of media content. Be sure to make clear which elements of the example are your work, and make it easy for the scholarship committee to locate these elements.


Examples can include news packages, corporate video, original video for websites, advertisements, social media video, and similar materials. If the example is a group effort, specify the work you did on the example.