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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Transfer course work

Students may transfer a maximum of 12 semester credit hours in the major from junior or community colleges. Credits transferred from other university programs will be assessed on an individual basis. Courses in journalism and mass communications above the 12-hour maximum will not be accepted as electives outside the major and will not be accepted as part of the graduation requirement. No journalism and mass communications course will transfer to K-State without a grade of C or better.

When transfer students present an accumulation of credits in any journalism and mass communications course, the school may accept up to 3 credit hours per course. 

No journalism and mass communications internship credit from another institution will be accepted in the A.Q. Miller School.


Becoming a major

To be declared a JMC major a student must successfully pass the JMC Gateway courses with a “C” or better in each course:

  • MC 100  JMC Orientation (0 hours) (This course is a credit/no credit course)

  • MC 110  Mass Communication in Society (3 hours)

  • MC 130  Media Writing Conventions and Mechanics (1 hour)

  • MC 132  Media Writing Styles and Platforms (1 hour)

  • MC 132  Media Writing Perspectives (1 hour)

  • Pick 3 Foundational Skills courses (choose 3):

    • MC 191  Audio Production Foundations (1)

    • MC 192  Pixel Foundations (1)

    • MC 193  Video Foundations (1)

    • MC 194  Social Media Foundations (1)

    • MC 195  Vector Foundations (1)

    • MC 196  Web-CMS Foundations (1)

Students may take restricted courses and advanced courses only if they meet the prerequisites. Students who expect to fulfill one or more prerequisites in a current semester may provisionally enroll on the expectation they will be eligible to take the course the following semester.