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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Undergraduate: Journalism and Mass Communications

These cutting-edge classes will prepare students in both theory and practice. Designed by designed by our award-winning faculty and members of our National Advisory Council, our curriculum prepares students for a variety of careers in the journalism and strategic communications industry.

The Gateway: Getting Started  (9 credit hours)

All students start with an orientation to A.Q. Miller School culture (MC010) and an overview of 21st century media (MC110). You'll polish your written skills with the online Writing Academy courses (1 credit each). Then, dive into hands-on skills courses by choosing at least three, five-week sessions in video, photo, design, social media and more.

Writing Academy (3 credit hours)


The Writing Academy course teaches students AP style, grammar and basic writing skills. Polish your skills with the basics of writing for advertising, public relations, radio, television, online and print.

This online course is taught in three 1-credit modules:

MC130 Writing Conventions and Mechanics  (1 credit)

MC131 Writing Styles and Platforms  (1 credit)

MC132 Writing Perspectives  (1 credit)


Hands-on skills (3 credit hours)


Choose three of these five-week, hands-on skills classes.

MC191 Audio / Editing audio using Adobe Audition. (1 credit)

MC192 Pixel / Editing images with Adobe Photoshop. (1 credit)

MC193 Video / Editing video using Adobe Premiere. (1 credit)

MC194 Social Media / Storytelling, sourcing, reporting and branding with social media. (1 credit)

MC195 Web and CMS / Basic web development using Wordpress.

MC196 Vector / The basics of Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, (1 credit)

Core classes

You'll find two career paths in the JMC Core: Journalism and Strategic Communications. The Principles courses in each area provide in-depth introductions to career paths in media. Once you've chosen a path, you'll dig deep with hands-on instruction in video and audio production, design, law, reporting, advertising writing, and strategic communication campaigns.



The Journalism sequence combines foundational journalism courses with courses focused on various forms of reporting and editing that use writing, photography, video recording, audio recording, media design and data visualization to present truthful and reliable messages to a wide range of audience types. Media law is also essential to the core.

See the full Journalism curriculum.

Strategic Communications


The Strategic Communications sequence combines advertising or public relations course work focused on the principles, concepts, research and application of best practices in developing and managing effective communication campaigns. Media law, media design and data visualization are also essential to the core.

See the full Strategic Communications curriculum.

Techniques classes

Technique classes are electives, designed to develop students’ skills as advertising account executives, public relations case managers, reporters, broadcasters, color commentators, reporters, photographers and social media managers. Students will learn theory to give them the “why” and hands-on skills to learn the “how."

Conceptual classes

Conceptual courses are electives which hone students’ critical thinking and analysis skills through journalism and strategic communications case studies and encourage discussion to push students beyond their current intellectual limitations. Topics such as ethics, global mass communications, media history and gender, race and class in the media stir curiosity and prepare students for an industry that is constantly evolving.

See all Conceptual Electives Classes
Conceptual Electives  (Choose two, a total of six cr. hours)
MC 502 - Strategic Communications Case Studies3
MC 555 - Media Audiences3
MC 564 - Mass Media History3
MC 572 - Global Communications3
MC 573 - Media Ethics3
MC 576 - Mass Media and Political Campaigns3
MC 585 - Media Management3
MC 589 - Inter-Cultural Digital Storytelling3
MC 605 - Supervision of School Publications3
MC 612 - Gender, Class, Race and the Media3
MC 662 - International / Intercultural Public Relations 3
MC 683 - Reputation Management3
MC 665 - Managing Integrated Strategic Communications3
MC 712 - Environmental Communications3

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