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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Honors Program

The mission of the A. Q. Miller School’s JMC Honors Program is to identify and cultivate a diverse cohort of exceptional students in journalism and strategic communications to best prepare them for outstanding performance in their academic and professional futures. The program offers individualized faculty mentorship along with academic and experiential opportunities beyond the traditional collegiate experience. 

A.Q. Miller Honors ProgramEXPERIENCES

Travel with peers and JMC faculty once a semester to explore career opportunities and cutting-edge industry work at both the local and national level. Check out extracurricular opportunities on campus that are designed to spur your creativity and develop you as a learner and scholar.


Connect with faculty in small classes in core journalism and mass communications classes that are capped at 22 students. Work with visiting professionals and enjoy networking opportunities before and after their lectures or workshops. Build relationships with your peers who prioritize the same level of scholarship and career goals that you value.


Take part in school-wide and university-wide special events, from JMC’s welcome back event, Kedziepalooza, to the Huck Boyd Lecture in Community Media. Honors students will also have the opportunity to participate in academic and industry conferences and compete in state and national competitions.


We select first-year and transfer students for the Honors Program based on quality of application. For sophomores through seniors and graduate students, we select students holistically who are outstanding in areas including academics, leadership in the Miller School, participation in student-run media or professional activities, and who have the endorsement of A. Q. Miller Honors Faculty.


Contact journalism@ksu.edu for application instructions.