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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

What is Job Ready?

Job Ready is the A.Q. Miller School's professional development series — endorsed by industry professionals—providing students the skills and resources they need to be proactive, knowledgeable and confident job-seekers.Job Ready

Job Ready training sessions are offered in four core development areas:

* resume and personal branding basics

* managing your digital presence

* confident communication

* career exploration

Job Ready workshops and events teach students how to confidently communicate with prospective employers to set themselves apart from other candidates and land job offers. They have a clearly developed professional, personal brand that is cohesive across their digital platforms. They are armed with the tools needed to expertly navigate the job market.

Program Contact: Jana Thomas, janamthomas@k-state.edu

What employers are saying about Job Ready

Jay Wachs, CEO, Wachs Media"In today's highly competitive work environment, it is no longer enough to simply have a degree from a major university to obtain employment. The Job Ready program will give KSU students a competitive advantage over other job applicants in their field because the students will learn the necessary skills to brand themselves, communicate at a higher level through various social media platforms and differentiate themselves through targeted employer identification, company-specific employee networking and honed inter personal skills." – Jay Wachs, CEO, Wachs Media

Linda Cook, Director of Community Relations, K-State“The A.Q. Miller School’s Job Ready program provides students with the tools and roadmap to develop the professional and personal skills necessary to be successful in the very competitive journalism and mass communications job market. By having the right skills and the abiliy to convey how you will use those skills to meet a prospective employers needs will be key in landing that first professional job.” –Linda Cook, Chief of Staff and Director of Community Relations, K-State

Spring 2021 Job Ready Schedule


Time & Place


Tuesday, Apr. 13th

4:00 - 5:00p.m. 

Online Via Zoom. 

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/xjp9B7oJGWLK7ees9 

How I Landed My Job Speaker Series 

Featuring JMC Alumna Sheila Ellis-Glasper, Founder/CEO, SEG Media Collective, LLC