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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Minor in Journalism and Mass Communications

Students who choose to major in other departments on campus can still specialize in Journalism and Mass Communications through the Miller School ís 21-hour minor in Mass Communications.

This degree program is flexible enough to accommodate many student interests, ranging from writing/production courses to more generalized studies of the media professions and their relationship to society.

The minor consists of the following courses:

Nine hours of core requirements:

  • MC 110: Mass Communications in Society
  • JMC Writing Academy (MC 130, 131, 132) 
  • MC 466: Law of Mass Communications

Three hours choice block (choose one):

  • MC 120: Principles of Advertising
  • MC 160: Principals of Journalism
  • MC 180: Fundamentals of Public Relations

Nine hours of MC electives:

  • One course must be at or above the 200-level
  • TWO courses must be at or above the 300-level


If you have questions about the Mass Communications minor, please contact advisor journalism@ksu.edu

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