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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Strategic Communications

Visionary. People person. Communicator. Strategic thinker. Energetic. Passionate. If these traits describe you, then you have what it takes to succeed in strategic communications. Strat Comm means advertising and public relations—high energy, fast-paced and exciting. Strat Comm professionals shape the relationships between organizations and the world, and it takes all of these traits above, along with training and an array of skills to succeed.

Our strat comm sequence prepares students to manage communication programs of public, non-profit and private organizations. The curriculum emphasizes writing, design techniques for communication products, communication theory, research, strategic planning and managerial skills. Our students are required to have at least one internship prior to graduation and have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of student-run JMC programs, all to further enhance our learn-by-doing philosophy. Our students can and do graduate with real-world experience that prepares them for successful careers.

Check the JMC Curriculum Guide for a complete list of requirements for Strat Comm, as well as for the general Arts and Science degree requirements and course options.


Examples of Related Careers

Account ExecutiveEntertainment Agent/PublicistPress Secretary
Advertising Copy WriterEmployee Relations OfficerPublic Information Officer
Advertising Sales RepHealth PR/ Communication SpecialistPublic Relations Manager
Brand ManagerLobbyistSocial Media Manager
Community Relations SpecialistMedia DirectorSports Information Director
Convention OrganizerMarket Research Analyst 
Creative DirectorMedia Relations Coordinator/Director 

Strategic Communications Curriculum


Required JMC Gateway Courses (9 credit hours)
MC 110 - Mass Communication in Society3
MC 130 - Writing Acad: Writing Conventions and Mechanics1
MC 131 - Writing Acad: Writing Styles and Platforms1
MC 132 - Writing Acad: Writing Perspectives1
MC 191-196 Foundational Skills (choose three) 
         MC 191 - Audio1
         MC 192 - Pixel1
         MC 193 - Video1
         MC 194 - Social Media1
         MC 195 - Vector1
         MC 196 - Web and CMS1


Required Strat Comm Core Courses  (24 credit hours)
MC 120 or MC 180 - Principles of Advertising or Principles of PR3
MC 221 or MC 280 - Ad Strategy & Writing or PR Writing3
MC 341 - Media Design & Data Visualization3
MC 380 - Strategic Communication Planning3
MC 396 - Strategic Communication Research3
MC 466 - Media Law3
MC 491 - Internship3
MC 581 - Strategic Communication Campaigns3


Techniques Electives  (Choose two, a total of six cr. hours)
MC 370 - Social Media Strategy and Management3
MC 409 - Advanced Strategic Communications Writing3
MC 446 - Media Planning3
MC 451 - Health Communications3
MC 470 - Account Management3
MC 477 - Travel and Tourism Communications3
MC 490 - Sports and Strategic Communications3
MC 490 - Advertising in the Digital World3
MC 490 - Entertainment Communications3
MC 498 - Portfolio3


Conceptual Electives  (Choose two, a total of six cr. hours)
MC 502 - Strategic Communications Case Studies3
MC 572 - Global Communications3
MC 573 - Media Ethics3
MC 576 - Mass Media and Political Campaigns3
MC 589 - Analyzing Media Audiences3
MC 612 - Diversity, Gender and the Media3
MC 625 - Media Relations & Reputation Management3
MC 662 - International Strategic Communications 3

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