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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Communication Research Colloquium Series

Communications Research ColloquiumIn what has become a staple of our program, the A.Q. Miller School and the department of communication studies at Kansas State University organize a recurrent signature event called the Communication Research Colloquium.

The goal of the colloquium is to to foster collaboration and help share the vibrant and significant research being conducted in our disciplines. Every semester, faculty and graduate students from the two units present research during three colloquia, scheduled about once a month. Drs. Raluca Cozma and Soumia Bardhan are the coordinators of the event, and students and faculty across campus are invited to attend.

Upcoming event:
November 14, 2018

"Younger millennials' media use: A qualitative gratifications and media repertoires approach," presented by Dr. Dani Lagree, assistant professor, A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications.


The new media landscape has encouraged media multitasking behaviors. This exploratory study sought to understand why younger millenials are motivated to routinely attend to media across multiple sources and devices. An integrated uses and gratifications and media repertoires theoretical approach guided this qualitative study. In-depth interviews revealed that participatns were more emotionally connected to their laptops than their cellphones and use media sources and devices to create work and entertainment spaces.

"Civic Professionalism, the Role of Communication(s), and Why It Matters for Democracy's Future," presented by Dr. Timothy J. Shaffer, assistant professor, Department of Communication Studies.


We exist in a period marked by concern for public trust and the decline in democratic institutions, the increasing embrace of authoritarian tendencies, and uncertainty about how to respond as professionals to faux-populism. This presentation will focus on the role of civic professionals and how they engage diverse publics utilizing communication(s) approaches based on public work models rather than technical and expert framings.

(Pictured above) Dr. Nikhil Moro, director of the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications speaks at the colloquium in September 2018.