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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Advertising Club

KSU's Advertising Club is the only collegiate chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) in the state of Kansas. Members receive benefits from being part of a student organization on campus, and they also gain access to an AAF-only online student portal that includes job and internship opportunities as well as various educational events put on by professionals in the industry. The American Advertising Federation is the leading professional organization in the industry, so it provides students the benefit of including the membership on their resumes and having a direct connection to those working in the field. 

JMC Advertising ClubThe KSU Ad Club is involved with the AAF professional chapters out of Topeka and Kansas City. Ad Club promotes events that these two districts offer, such as "speed dating" among different agencies in one setting, and agency crawls where students can tour a variety of firms. Both the Topeka and Kansas City AAF offer scholarships to the KSU AAF members as well.  

On campus, the Ad Club Leadership Team works every year to set an agenda that includes items the club as a whole wants to see accomplished. These include everything from bringing professional speakers to meetings, and setting up resume/portfolio critiques, to working on creative projects for various companies and organizations. The KSU Ad Club provides students an incredible opportunity to get to know one another in a close-knit environment, while at the same time learning about and participating in the dynamic world of advertising.

Faculty Adviser:
Anan Wan