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A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

The Collegian

The Collegian is the independent news source at Kansas State. Its content is created by a paid student staff, which also makes up its advertising and design teams. The Collegian’s website is updated regularly, while the print edition is published daily in fall and spring, and weekly over the summer.

Rafael Garcia, Collegian editor-in-chief

"Working at the Collegian,

I've learned about the effort and dedication necessary to put out the news. It's easy to take for granted the information we have so readily available online, but working at a newspaper like the Collegian makes you really appreciate the work needed to find that information and put it out so that it's understandable."


"I've also really gained an appreciation for narrative storytelling. At the heart of all journalism is people's stories, and I want to spend my time finding those stories and capturing them in a way that humanizes the broader issues that people sometime's don't understand too well. At the Collegian, we've focused on finding the story in every issue, and I've really appreciated that."


—Rafael Garcia, Collegian editor-in-chief