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Changing the conversation about millennials and Gen Z

K-State Journalism and Mass Communications student meets with industry executives in Milwaukee and Chicago through the National Millennial Community 

Headshot(MANHATTAN, KS, Sept. 6, 2019) – K-State Journalism and Mass Communications student Grayson Gilbert, a sophomore from Tonganoxie, KS, recently represented the state of Kansas during conversations with industry executives. 

Discussions focused on how employers can connect and engage with millennial and Generation Z employees. Conversations occurred at notable businesses including the McDonald’s Corporation, Northwestern Mutual, and Allstate Insurance Company. The trip was sponsored and coordinated by the National Millennial Community (NMC), an organization that executes think tank conversations with key influencers in media and business. Gilbert received a scholarship from NMC that provided this all-expenses paid opportunity.

“It was an amazing experience,” Gilbert said. “I was able to hold perception-changing conversations with some of the marketing communications field’s finest minds while connecting with other future professionals from campuses around the world.”

Gilbert was able to provide a unique perspective in an already diverse group. “I talked to students from the coasts who’ve never met anyone from Kansas, he said. “I loved telling them about my home and hearing about theirs. I have a much broader perspective of the world because of this trip.”

nmcMembers of the millennial and Generation Z population are often misperceived in the workplace setting. Encouraging open dialogue that addresses these misperceptions facilitates positive change and develops meaningful relationships.

“When students from places such as Kansas State University visit with corporate executives, they reinforce the importance of engaging young adults before they enter the workforce,” said Bill Imada, NMC Founder and Chairman and Chief Connectivity Officer of IW Group, Inc. “But, more importantly, corporate executives want to hear from students like Grayson Gilbert since he represents the future of our country.”

“We are grateful that NMC selected K-State Journalism and Mass Communications students to represent the state of Kansas to be part of these important conversations,” said Dr. Danielle LaGree, assistant professor and NMC faculty sponsor. “Our students are able to get out of their comfort zones through interpersonal interaction with high-level executives that provide mutually beneficial experiences for everyone involved.”