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Peter Loganbill’s “Let Me Hear It Media” pitch rises to the top of 190 entrepreneurial ideas

By: Shawn Obrate, JMC graduate student

Peter Loganbill, a senior in the strategic communications sequence, had an idea. If people from all sorts of political and religious perspectives created podcasts, news coverage and healthy debate around the issues of the day and put them in one place, everyone might gain – those who created the stories, and those who read or listened to them.

Loganbill’s idea was chosen as one of the best at K-State’s annual Elevator Launch Pitch competition, where entrepreneurial ideas vie for scholarship money. He won a scholarship of almost $700.

Let Me Hear It Media Peter Loganbill

The idea, to give a platform to debate through a company he’d call Let Me Hear It Media, was one Loganbill had before even coming to K-State. He said he saw it as a way to have “difficult discussions, not just about politics, but about religion and other stuff, too.”

“I don’t really believe that there is a network that is totally unbiased; that’s long gone,” Loganbill said. “So I think the better thing to do is to have people just sit and talk to each other from across the political spectrum.”

For those that haven’t seen or participated in the K-State Elevator Launch Pitch competition, it goes like this: Out of more than 190 entrepreneurial ideas, 40 are chosen to be pitched to judges who then pick the best. Eight winners receive scholarships to attend entrepreneurial classes. Loganbill’s pitch was chosen because it was determined to be unique and achievable.

“The idea is based around the idea of communication and free speech,” he said. “Communication, I believe, is the primary way to solve problems. Good communication is how you get anywhere.”

The way Loganbill sees it, Let Me Hear It Media would release news articles and podcasts throughout the day, culminating in a podcast at the end of the day featuring debates on the issues covered. Revenue would come first from subscriptions, and eventually, sponsors.

“The idea is to have content producers put out articles covering the news of the day, with their own spin on it. Some of them would have news podcasts where they would go through the news of the day and give their opinions on it. And at the end of the day there would be a bigger podcast with, ideally, all of them where they would discuss and debate the news of the day.” 

Debating controversial issues could be scary to some, Loganbill said, but he added that he saw it as an opportunity to hear other people’s ideas in a safe, friendly way.

Perspective on K-State’s culture and advice to students

Loganbill is the news editor of The Collegian, as well as a host for K-State’s new interview podcast, “Collegian Kultivate.” He said working for student newspapers has given him a chance to see other journalists’ views, a building block for his elevator pitch.

Loganbill praised K-State and the environment that surrounds the wildcat campus when describing how he ended up in the final eight of the Elevator Pitch program, “K-State is a very humble campus...it’s a very welcoming environment,” Loganbill said. “One of my favorite aspects of K-State is how they actually try to help students network. K-State knows that students want a job after this, they don’t just want a degree.”

When asked what advice he would give to KSU students of the future who want to succeed like he has he simply said “Keep an eye out, build a network, be as down-to-Earth as you can and talk to people as people.”