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JMC students win 22 broadcast awards

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Two K-State seniors have won Awards of Excellence in the 2020 Broadcast Education Association’s Festival of Arts Competition. Bri Womack and Zach St. Clair were honored for documentaries that were entered into the world-wide competition, which annually draws about 1,500 entries. Womack’s wrote, produced and voiced her documentary, “Women in…Crime,” covered the gendered conception of serial killers in the U.S., which was entered in the radio/podcasting competition. St. Clair’s production placed in the educational program category, and was a historic focus on Lecco's Lemma, a Hip-Hop Specialty Show in Boston in the late 80s.

Both productions aired on student operated KSDB-FM and were produced as part of the station’s growing focus on podcasting as a viable extension of radio broadcasting.  “This is just the beginning of our growth as a radio station and a podcasting program,” said Dr. Ian Punnett, KSU professor of practice and KSDB chief operator and faculty adviser, who is also developing a new podcasting class to be taught in the upcoming May intersession. Wildcat 91.9 was the only radio station/podcasting program from all of the colleges and universities in the State of Kansas to be featured at the BEA.

The Kansas Association of Broadcasters has also announced that 23 K-State students won awards in 20 separate competitions in the 2020 KAB student award division.

KAB LogoStudents working at KKSU-TV were big award winners, as the student-produced news and public affairs program “MHK All Day” and the weekly newscast “Channel 8 News,” garnered awards in the Television Division. Senior Anna Christianson was singled out for excellence in three separate categories including two first-place finishes, including a first-place recognition for the show MHK All Day that won with the first show of the semester. Recent graduates Isabel Lauby and Bridget Howard were recognized twice. Senior Jared Sleppy won awards in both the TV and the radio competitions.

“Our students take great ownership for their journalism, and it shows in the finished product,” said Andrew Smith, KKSU-TV news director and journalism professor.  “They seek out the interesting and important stories in our community and tell them with balance and integrity.  The students at Channel 8 have a long history of excellence and being recognized against their peers is a great honor.” 

KSDB-FM and KKSU-TV are licensed broadcast stations and are operated by the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

In the radio/podcasting division, KSDB-FM afternoon drive news anchor Trey Kuhlmann received two first-place awards and was among 11 radio/podcasting honorees, all part of the “Wildcat 91.9” staff.

The complete list of KAB award winners includes:


Public Affairs Program:

1st Place: MHK All-Day, Isabel Lauby, Bridget Howard, Dylan Lierz

Complete Newscast 3 DAYS/ WEEK OR LESS:

Honorable Mention (HM): MHK All-Day, Isabel Lauby, Bridget Howard, Dylan Lierz

Hard News Package:

HM: Spotlighting Domestic Abuse, Anna Christianson

Enterprise News Package:

2nd Place: Silver Lake- A Food Desert Story, Casey Campbell, Jared Sleppy

Complete News Package:

HM: Moped Safety Tips, Molly Hackett

Complete Sports Feature:

HM: Pound the Stone!, Stephanie Nutt


1st Place: K-State Sportscast, MHK All-Day 2/14/20, Anna Christianson, Amelia Andrews


HM: Hungry Heartland: Arkenburg Farms, Alex Galey, Jacen Clapp

Entertainment Program:

1st Place: MHK All-Day: February 14, 2020, Sara Wallace, Anna Christianson, Kaylie McLaughlin



Promotional Audio:

1st Place: "Climate Change" PSA, Bri Womack

Hard News Package:

1st Place: "Lt. Gov. Lynn Rogers" Budget, Trey Kuhlmann

Entertainment News Package:

1st Place: Hale Yeah News, Trey Kulhmann

2nd Place: Nintendo Tour, Zandt Durham

Complete Sports Feature: 

1st Place: "Sports Talk" with Jared Sleppy and Tyler Krenzin

2nd Place: "Sports Talk" with Kyle Helie and Logan Henricks

DJ Radio Personality:

2nd Place: Claire Todd

HM: Chase Swenson and Bret Huntington

Sports Play-By-Play:

2nd Place: KSU vs. OU (women), Jared Sleppy


2nd Place: "The Women in . . . Crime" Podcast, Bri Womack

HM: "Haunted Kansas," Laura Keener.